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中考英语看图填词 中考英语看图填词 50 篇
星沙英语网专稿 http://www.rr365.com 1 看图填词:请根据图中的提示,在短文的横线上填入适当的词,使短文的意思完整与正 确,每空一词。(本大题共 10 分,每空 1 分)

Li Lei already his that. 4 3

1 a student. He usually gets up early. But this morning he got up 2 . It was o'clock. He had no time to have his breakfast. He said goodbye to 5 to school quickly by 9 it was 6 . When he 7 to the school 8 . Suddenly he 10 . He had already forgotten

and hurried out. He

gate, he found it was

2 看图写话: 根据图画所提供的语景, 在空格中填入适当的词, 使其意思完整、 语法正确, 每空格限填一个英语单词。(10 分)

1.It was late last Monday, but Tom was still wonderful football match on TV. until twelve o'clock. 2.The next morning, it was a school 5 3.When Tom 6 4

1 TV in his room. There was a 3 go to bed

2 excited(激动的)he was! That night he

to eight. It was too late for Tom to get to

time. But he was still in bed. school, it was eight. The teacher was already beginning her 7 and said,“What time is it 8 .

lesson. As soon as Tom came into the classroom, she got now, Tom?”Tom felt sorry and could say 4.In English class, he failed his English test. 3 9

a test. As he didn't know the lessons at 10 , Tom

根据图画内容,在下面短文的空格中填上适当的单词,使短文完整、正确、通顺(每个 空格限填一个单词)。

Meimei can't go to school today because she isn't feeling well. Mum asked her to stay in was this 1 . This morning Meimei went to the 4 9 her 5 and 6 7 8 2 3 together with Mum. The doctor asked Meimei to “ Ah. ” He looked over Meimei carefully. It 10 . You'll feel better soon.”

serious. So the doctor said to her, “ You've caught a bit of cold. Take times a day and drink more

4 请根据下面四幅图的提示在横线上填入适当的词,使短文意思完整与正确。每空一词。

It was Li Ming 8


yesterday. I 7





past six in the morning. We




West Hill Park to

trees. As soon as we got there, we began to work. I dug holes and

the trees in them. We worked hard the whole day.

5 看图用适当的词完成句子。

Yesterday Li Lei felt very weak. He had a cold. Doctor said to him, “ Take the 1 2 times a day. Drink more 5 .” 3 every day. From now on 4 need to get up early and do morning

6 根据下列四幅图所示,在每个空格内填入一个适当的英语单词,使句子完整与正确。

1 very like to 7

is the best season of the years. 5 in this season. 8 6 in the season. It's very 10 skating on the ice.


begins to


It's very hot in 9

4 .

Swimming is the best

is a harvest season. Farmers are usually more clothes. We

in winter. People need to

7 看图填空 根据图示及所给对话内容填入所缺单词,每空一词。

A:Hi, Jack. B:Hi, Ling Ming. I'm A:I hear there 2 6 1 3 to see you. to be a school? 4 5 .

match at the school playground this B:Really? Is that B:That's A: 8 A: 7 ! 9 A:Yes. At four o'clock. we go and watch it?

B:Why not? 10 !

go at half past three.

8 看图填词 请根据图示,用适当的词语填空,并将答案填写在答题纸相应题号的横线上,每段横线 上限填一词。

Li Ming got up at a______


______this morning. 2 . He was riding ______ 3 _____ stop

After breakfast he hurried to the school himself at the crossing when the traffic light turned red. His bike______ heavily to the ground. He was hurt and______ 9 4

_____ and he fell down

5 _______ ______.

We should all remember such a lesson(教训). 根据下图和上下文内容填空,完成短文,每空限填 1 个单词。

A:Excuse me! Can you tell me the


to the station, please?

B:Yes, Go down this road, and turn reach the end. You'll find the station A: 5 bus. A:Thank you very much. B:Not at all. is it from here? 4


at the first crossing. Go along 3

until you

of you.

B:It's about half an hour's walk, but it will take you only ten minutes if you to there by

10 根据图示及所给句子,在每一空格内填写一词,使句子通顺完整,内容与图示相符。 1.The woman is ____ the street ____ the telephone box. In the telephone box, a young woman ____ a long ____ is ____. 2.A woman ____ a girl is ____ the street. 3.A black ____ drove too fast and ____ into____ one. The man was ____ frightened(害怕)that he threw ____ to the ground, but the young woman looked quiet. 4.The policeman at the ____, and he didn't ____ to know what to do.

11 A)看图填词(每空 1 分)

How to plant a tree 1.____ a hole large enough for the tree. 2.Knock a long, strong stick ____ the earth next to the hole. 3.Put the ____ back in the hole again. 4.Tie the ____ to the top of the stick. 5._____ it well, as often as possible. 12


(Zhu Min is asking Li Yi what he is going to do during his summer holidays. Z: Zhu Min; L: Li Yi) Z: When will the summer holidays(1)____, do you know? L: Yes, next week. The holiday will(2)____ from July 7th to August 31st. Z: How are you going to(3)____ your holidays? L: My(4) ____ and I will travel to a few big cities in the (5) ____ of China. Z: What cities are you going to(6) ____ ? L:(7) ____we're going to Shenyang and we'll(8) ____ there for half a month, then to Changchun, and finally(最后)to Harbin. Z: Wonderful! They're all places of great interest, I think. By the way, how are you going there? L:(9)____ ____. Z:I hope you'll(10)____ ____. L: Thank you. I'm sure we'll have a good time. 13 根据图示,在下面短文中填写词语。每个空格只能填写一个单词,使短文通顺、完整、 并与图意相符。

Long long ago, an elephant and a monkey lived in the same forest. They were good friends, but both of them were very proud(自傲). The the 2 felt himself quick. 1 thought of himself strong, and

One day they went to ask the old

3 ,“Can you tell us which is 6 and bring them to him. 7


important, 5 them

strong or quick?”The old bird didn't give them the answer at once. Instead he to get some bananas on the other side of the monkey was afraid. “Get on my So the elephant and the monkey went to the river, but the

ran so fast that the

8 , Monkey,”said the elephant,“I shall take you there. I'm big and 9 the river.” 10 hard to reach the bananas, but 12 , please. I can 15 13 ,” said the monkey. He quickly ran

strong, and I can swim they were too up the 14

Soon they got to the other side. The elephant 11 “Wait a . and passed the 16 to the elephant.

Then they came

happily to the old bird and showed him the bananas.“Now, 17 a smile, “but he couldn't get the 18 . Only you two could do

you see, the elephant is strong,”said the old bird the 19 well when you helped 20 other.”

bananas; the monkey is quick, but he couldn't

14 看图填词,根据下列四幅图画所示,在每个空格内填入一个适当的英语单词。

One day Jim was very The doctor looked told Jim to wa 6 4

1 . Mrs Green was 7

2 . She took Jim to

3 8

a doctor. 5 . She right. He

Jim very carefully. Then she said Jim had caught a bad on time. The next day Jim was

more water and take

9 to pla y 10 again. 15 下面有四幅画,请根据图画的背景,在每个空格内填上一词,使短文完整正确。

It was and 3 him


o'clock in the morning, but Jim was still 4 . 5 6

2 . His mother came in

It seemed there was His mother asked him

wrong with him. Jim told his mother he had a headache. to go to school, and to see a doctor.

At the doctor's, the doctor looked him At home after he 9


carefully. He had a bad cold, but it's 8 . 10 .

nothing serious. He gave Jim some pills and told him to have a good some medicine, Jim went to

16 看图填词:根据画面显示的内容,在各幅图旁的句子或短文的横线上填入适当的词,一 空一词。

1.There is a____ smile____ his face. 2.Today is ____, 29th. 3.There is a man, a ____and a tree in the ____. 4.The man ____live in the city. He lives in the ____. ____is spring now. He is working on the ____. 17 根据图示,填词完成对话。 1.A:Hi, Meimei! How are you? B:I'm_____ Thank you.____ ____?

A:I'm fine, too. Thank you. 2.A:Look! What are Mike and Tom doing? B:They are____ ____.

3.A:What does Mary like doing? B:She likes____ ____. 4.A:Mary often ____in the river. She is______ at swimming. B:Who ____her? A:No one. She teaches ____. 5.A:Where is Lucy? B:She is ill____ ____.

A:Who comes to see her? B:Lily. She brings Lucy some ____. 18 根据下组图示和短文内容,填词完成句子(每空限填一词)。

There were no classes this afternoon. My classmates all had a good time, “Don't 2


to People's Park. They 3 worried.

I didn't go. After lunch Aunt Huang came in and she

She said to me,“Grandma is ill. I must take her to 4 . But my baby,…” 5 ,”I said.“I can look after her.” 6 .At first she was asleep. Half an hour 7 she “Thank you, Xiao Feng.”Then she left. The baby was about ten months woke up and began to harder. I few 10 9 I 8 “Don't cry,” said. But she looked at me and cried harder and 11 . Then I started to sing. The baby watched and listened, 12 and jumped like a monkey. The baby

on the radio. She stopped crying and listened to the music. After a

she started to cry 13 laughed.

and she didn't cry any more. Then I made laughed I jumped and sang and did all back. I was so “You are 15 . 16 14

of things all that afternoon till Aunt Huang came me. After I told him the whole 19 17 he said,

In the evening Liu Ming came to take good care 20 your babies.”

18 ! I'm going to tell everyone:

your babies to Ling Feng. He can

19 请根据下图的提示在短文的横线上填入适当的词,使短文意思完整与正确。

One day, Mrs King Lucy money said 9 3 7


Lucy to go shopping, and 5 10


her a shopping list. When 6 home quickly. Her

to the shop, she bought all the things still 8

4 the list. Now it was time to pay for

them.“Sorry!”she said. “I've to the shop-keeper and

my money!”So she went the things home.

on the chair. She got the money to pay for the things. Then she

20 根据所给图画,在下篇短文空缺处分别填入一个以规定字母开头的单词。


Saturday yesterday. Li Lei and Zhang Hua(2)d for them to have(5)l

go home. They(3)s


the classroom to read and write. It was noon. It was(4)t About two(6)h . They left the classroom. to the classroom, again. .” later(之后),they came(7)b

“Look, Li Lei!”said Zhang Hua. “There is a problem(题目)on the(8)b “What's the next number, please?”asked Li Lei. “Let me(9)s . Um, I know it's(10)n !”answered Zhang Hua.

21 仔细观察下图并通读对话,掌握其大意,然后按图中所示内容,用英语完成文内各个空 格。

Zhang Ying studies at No. 5 Middle School. She is never late for school. Yesterday morning she got up at seven as usual. After breakfast, she seven. On her way to school she roadside(路边). But nobody nearest police station and said to Zhang Ying.“ 4 2 1 at half past on the road. She picked it up and stood on the

3 . She decided to send it to the police. She went to the what had happened. The policeman received the bag and

5 ,thank you.”

Though Zhang Ying was a few minutes late for school yesterday, she was happy. Her teacher and classmates were happy, too. 1.______________2.______________ 3.______________4.______________ 5.______________ 22 根据图示, 在下列短文内填写单词(每空只填写一词)使短文通顺, 完整, 并与图意相符。

1.It was Sunday morning. The caught none. 2.Half in it. 2


was fine. David and his friends didn't go to

school. They went fishing in a river. His friends caught one fish after another, but David hour later, David had an idea. He went to a fish shop and 3 4 a big fish

3. Then he went back to the river. He had his own work to do. 4. 7

the hook(鱼钩)into the fish's 5 , and then 6 8 of them last!”His

threw the fish into the river. His friends knew nothing about all this, because a few minutes, David shouted, “What a big fish I've caught 9 10

friends were all surprised when they saw David pulling a big fish up asked him how he was able to catch only smiled instead. 1.____ 2.____ 3.____ 4.____ 5.____ 6.____ 7.____ 8.____ 9.____ 10.____ 23 看图写话。 根据图示填上正确的词,每空只填一词。(10 分)

the water. They

a big fish. David had nothing to say, and he

1.One way to school.


day, Li Ping, a boy of eight years, saw an old man when he was on his 2 enough to 3 the

2. Ping lifted his umbrella(雨伞)for the man. But he wasn't Li man's head with the umbrella. 3. 4 4.He 5.He 6.He could he do it? Suddenly he had a good 6 8 9 the man and asked 7 the stick. 5 .

the stick from the man and tied it to the umbrella. go to school until he sent the man to his home. He might be 10 for

school, but he felt very happy.

24 看图,并根据图示填入适当的词使句子意思完整,每个空格只能填写一个英语单词。 1.Jim ____ up early every morning. 2.He goes to school on ____ every day. 3.He has lunch ____ twelve o'clock. 4.In the afternoon he usually goes to have a ____. 5.In the evening he gets ____ for his new lesson.


It is a fine Wednesday morning. There are many children near the river. They are students of two Day. They are not playing games now. They are working. They are Some of the girls are carrying 1.A.the Fifth C.No.50 2.A.teachers C.parents 3.A.League members C.Young Pioneers 4.A.getting in C.cutting down 5.A.snow 5 They are all working hard. Good work, Young Pioneers! B.the Fifteenth D.No.5 B.doctors D.farmers B.Party members D.soldiers B.getting down from D.planting B.water 4 trees and flowers. for the new trees. The teachers are helping them. 2 1 Middle School. They are students of Grade One. There are 3 . They are having their Young Pioneers' with them. All of the students are



26 看图填空:根据下图提示在短文的横线上填入适当的词,使短文意思完整。每空一词。

One day a soon he returned woman A the 7 6 5

1 3

arrived at a woman's house. He borrowed a pan to her. He also gave her a 4


__her. Very

one and said it was a baby. The

very pleased and took it. days later the farmer had some visitors. He asked the woman to lend him 8 not return it unitl the woman came to get it back. He told her that 10 her at last. 9 . But of course, it was only a joke. He gave it back

again. He

the pan was

27 看图填词 看图,根据图示在下面的短文空格中填入适当的词,使短文意思完整。

Dear Bill, Please come to supper at 6 this evening. This is how you can get to my house by____(1). First, take Bus No. 22 and get off at the Post Office near the____(2). Walk on until you see a crossing. Then turn____(3)and go straight down Xiang Yang Street. Take the____(4)turning on your left and go down the road. It's the third house on your left. There's a____(5)in front of my house. 28 根据所给图的内容填空,每空限填一词。 A My friend Fang Ming likes meat and rice ____ much. She likes ____ and milk a little, but she doesn't like ____ at all. What about ____?“I don't ____,”she says. B

A:Excuse me. Which is the ____ to ____ Park, please? B:Let me see. Er, walk ____ this road and turn ____. Go on until you reach the ____. You'll find the park in front of you. A:Thank you.

29 根据图示和语境,用适当词语的正确形式填空。每段横线限填一词。

Wang Fang and Liu Ying are talking about what happened yesterday afternoon. (W: Wang Fang; L: Liu Ying) W: How did you go home after school yesterday afternoon? L:(1)____ ____as usualy. I(2)____the school at five o'clock. W: Was it cloudy then? L: No. When I started home, it was(3)____. But the(4)____suddenly(5)____. Dark clouds gathered (乌云密布)and began to(6)____very soon. W: Were you wet all over? L: No. Just when I was(7)____home, I heard someone calling me(8)____. I(9)____round and found it was Zhang Lan. She had an umbrella(伞)and invited me to share(共用)it with her. She walked all the way(10)____with me to my home. 30 仔细观察下列各图并通读短文,掌握大意,然后根据各图中的情景补全短文。每个空格 所填词数不限。

Yesterday morning an old woman(1)____a lot of things in a shop. She(2)_____.She was going(3)_____, but the box was heavy and the car wasn't near. At that time Li Ming and We Hua (4)____by the car and talking. When they(5)_____and the big box beside her, they(6)____. They lifted the heavy box and(7)____the car. Suddenly the of Li Ming's feet was badly hurt. He had to(9)____in the hospital for several days. He became worried about his lessons. But his friend Wei Hua said. “(10)_____. I'll come to help you with your lessons after class every afternoon.” 31 看图填词 box(8)____and one

Grandama Li lives alone. Tao have and 5 32 2 Jim is filling the thermos

1 3

is very ill. Han Meimei, Li Lei, Jim, the twins and Lin hot water. The twins 4 cleaning the windows

to help her. Han Meimei is giving food to her. Li Lei is sweeping the floor.

her clothes. Lin Tao is cleaning the table.

1.____2.____3.____4.____5.____ 根据图示及短文内容,在每一空格内填写一词(缩写词占一格)。

Alan worked in an office in the city. He usually went to the seaside for his holidays. But one day he 1 an advertisement(广告)in a 2 “Enjoy . 3 4 . 5 a few weeks

on Willow

6 . Fresh(新鲜的)air! Good food! Great prices(价格)! This sounds 9 10 , walking and from sitting by the seaside and swimming. ”



good idea,”he said to himself, “____go there and enjoy They'll make a 12 33 根据所给图画,完成下面的日记。

11 .

说明:1.写日记时间为 1998 年 4 月 7 日,星期二,阴天。 2.每空限填一词。



7th, 1998 Cloudy 3 home on foot as usual. 5 off his bike and hurt himself. 4 home, suddenly I saw a boy 7 at once. 9 __serious.”The 10 time. we both thanked the doctor and left.

Yesterday when school was over I On my He 6 on the road. 8

I took him to the nearest The doctor looked boy told us he must be careful

the boy carefully and said, “There is

What a wonderful time I had! 34 根据图画在下面所给句子的空白处填上一个恰当的词语。该词首字母已给出。 1)When I was a freashman (一年级大学生). I felt very homesick(想家的). After about four m (1)study, the new year arrived and I could go home at last. (2)home, my father let me sit by the (3)for me. I felt that the 2)It was a long journey to go home. When I g house was filled with love and warmth(温暖). 3)When we were having our dinner, my elder brother t (4)out a woolen sweater and (5)to buy them any something lese, saying,“Dad and Mum, here are my presents for you.”Where was my present for them? I felt sorry. I was 19 that year but I had no m 教育). present while they spent several thousand yuan every year for my college education(大学

fire and handed me a cup of hot tea, my mother was busy c

4)My parents found I was very sad and knew why, then they said to me,“You're a college student. We are proud of you(为你骄傲). You New Year!”W 5)B was my b h (6)give us any present. Just say something in English. We've never heard it.” “Thank you, Dad and Mum,” said, “Happy I (7)these words, tears(眼泪)came out of my eyes. (8)of my parents looked at me for a while and then smiled. They were very glad (9)present for them.

to hear my words. I was understood and loved! I will never forget their smiles. I know that 6)From then on, I sent them a card with some words in English every important (10). I am sure they would understand my love to them and accept(接受)it with a 35 根据图示,用适当的词完成下面的短文,使短文通顺,并与图意相符。每空一词。 1 Young Pioneers were playing on the playground. They were bent(弯曲)down by someone and began to do something for it. They 3 “Take Care of It was very very 8 4 ”. 5 , and after they 6 working, they all felt 7 .Their teacher was 2 to find a tree the tree straight smile.

again by tying it to a stick, put a rope(绳子)around the tree and then put up a sign. It read,

with what they had done and said they were good Young Pioneers.

36 看图写话:根据图示填上正确的词,每空只填一词。

1 . Xiao Ming and Xiao Fang are students of No. 1 Middle School. Last Friday, 1 school, they went home 2 happily. 3 4 on the road. Xiao Fang picked it up. to the owner(失主)of the wallet. And 2.Suddenly, they saw a wallet(钱包) 3.They thought they should give it they 5 there till it was dark.

4.The owner didn't come, 5.The 7 Ming's classroom.


they had to hand it in to a policeman.

morning, the headmaster and the owner came to Xiao Fang and Xiao

6.The owner said lots of thanks to them and offered(送)a letter of thanks to the headmaster. The headmaster praised(表扬)them for 召)the 9 students to 10 from them. 8 they had done and called on(号

37 根据所给图画,在句中每个空格处填上一个适当的英语的单词。

After walking 2







everywhere. 4 5

A 3 .




herself. She was on her way home. Her shoes got

At that moment, a man with an umbrella(雨伞)in his meant to give her some help. The man carried the girl on his How kind! The girl thanked him and As she at 8 38 看图完成短文:(共 10 分),每小题 1 分,一空一词) 7 to give it back to him. 6

hand came to her. He to cross the water.

good-bye to him.

on, she found that the man's umbrella was in her hand. She returned

It is a Tree-Planting Day. The planting trees 3


is shining. Zhao Wen 4


Cao Lanfang are 5 . But 7 . Then

the river. Zhao Wen has 8

a hole large enough for the the tree into the 10 9 the river to

the hole is not too deep. Cao Lanfang is now ready to 6 they will put the earth in it again and get water had a hard but nice day.

the tree. They

39 1.One day, Mr White finished his work very people and no buses. So he had to go home on 1 . On his way home, there were no 2 .He held his bag in hi 3 .

2.When he got home, he opened his bag. He wanted to get the keys. They were always there. But he couldn't find the keys this time.He was worried and he didn't know what to do. When he looked 4 ,

he suddenly saw his windows was to 7 up the ladder. 8

5 . He had an

6 .

3.There was a ladder behind his house. He carried it to the window. Then he began dark it was! It was dangerous for him to do that and his hat fell down. So he was very careful and very afraid. 4.A moment later he jumped into the room and he was very happy. But when he put his hand into his 9 , he found his 10 right there. 40 书面表达,看图写话,每空一词:

One day my brother was sun How 7 10 out. He flew his kite the boy was!


a kite. Suddenly it rained 4 minutes

2 . He had to 5 the rain 6


flying and the 9 .

his kite. The kite and his clothes were wet. A

8 . He put his clothes on the line(线)to make them

41 看图填词 根据图画和文字信息,在空白处填入适当单词: 1.It's Sunday. A cat is in his garden. He's putting a 2.Now, the cat is 3 on the chair. He's 4 1 and a table under a 2 . a thick magazine(杂志).

3.A black dog is coming taking the magazine in his is 9 the tree. A 10 7 .

5 ! The cat is jumping on the 8

6 ! The black dog is

4.Look at the garden now! The is coming in.

is empty and the bottle is empty too. The cat

42 看图写话: 根据下图所示情景,补上短文中所缺单词或短语。

The night




very late(watched TV far into the night).When he 4 o'clock. He thought he would be 8 7 the bed, took his schoolbag and

3 5

in for

the morning, Jim found that it was already school and felt very breakfast. When he realized it was 43 看图填词 10 6 . He 9

school without

school, he found it was quiet and nobody else had come. He

and he had made a mistake.

One Sunday Mr Black went to town on be said 3 9 the gate of the 4 ,a 5 7 6 him. He said, “The dog mustn't be



his dog for shopping. Just before

to town and should be kept at 8 !”So Mr Black 10 buying anything.

to him and went back home

44( 月揭西抽考) 44(2007 年 4 月揭西抽考) 根据图画内容,在每段了空缺处分别填入一个以规定字母开头的单词。 One morning, Lin Tao carried his bag and said to his father,“It's t 1 school. G 2 , Dad.” He came to a bus s 3 near his home. There were a few people w 6 4 for a bus. One of his classmates, Li Lei, was there, too. They got off the bus near their s 5 . Li Tao put his b wanted to p 7 in the street for a while, f 8 k 10 . then?”said Li Lei. “Good i 11 . Let's go!” said Lin Tao. Haven't you forgotten s 12 ?” Lei 13 , “ Li John 14 very 15 , too. on the ground, and he we go there to fly it was very early.“S 9 for me to go to

45 书面表达: 看图填词 1.What's the It's 2 . 3 of children are 4 their way home from school. 1 like today?

2.On Tuesday afternoon a

3. 5


he go to work? 7 8 .

He goes to work He 9 10

4.What's the time? It's six o'clock. at six every morning.

46 看图填词 根据四幅图画,完成对话,每空一词。

A:I was


last Sunday. What about you, Xiao Gao? B:So was I. 2 4 ? 5 . 8 . 6 ? outside the room. At a quarter past eight I gave

A:What did you do? B:I did some morning some 3 to the chicks. A:Were you free in the A:Did you watch TV last A:I'm sure you were B:You're right. But I 47 9 . 10 it was interesting.

B:No, I wasn't. I cleaned the

B: 7 . But I didn't watch TV until I finished my

It was October 20th. When Jim o'clock. He to school When he 2 3 5 breakfast.


up, he looked at the clock. Oh dear! It was 8 4 7 breakfast, so he went 8 school 9 15 . 10 .

as quickly as possible. He had no time 6 the bag on his back, he quickly 12 13 . He

11 the school gate, the gate

14 that day was

48 看图写话: This is a street in a town. There are some buildings 1 each side of the street. It is early 2 the morning. It's a rush hour. People are going to work 3 going to school. There is much 4 .How 5 the street is! Look! A 6 children 7 to 10 . The policeman 11 He wants the children 15 8 12 from one side of the street to the 9 . They are going in the middle of the street. He 13 14 the traffic. the children are

get across the street safely.

49 书面表达:根据图画和所给信息,填写所缺单词。 A:Well, what's wrong? B:A bad cold, I think. A:Let me have a look at your throat(嗓子). Hmmm… B:A-a-a-h 1 ah.

A:Let me check your temperature. Hmmm, yes. How's your B:Well, I've got a big a headache. A:What's this in English? B:It's a tape recorder(盒式录音机). A:What's it made of? B:It's made of 3 and plastics(塑料). 4 . A:Where's it made in? B:Let me see…Oh, it's made in A:Oh, 21-16. Your game. B:You 5 play very well. 6 game? A:My bat's too light. A:It's 7 . Ready? 8 ?

2 ?

B:OK. Whose serve(发球)is it? A:I'm going to paint(漆)this room. Could you give me a B:Sure. What can I do for you? A:Er…Would you mind bringing your yours, please? B:I'm 10 I can't. My ladder is broken. 9 ? I need two ladders, so would you bring

50 One evening, Li Lei turned Lei 1 home 2 work by bike. Suddenly he 7 3 “Bang”. He 6 . 8 it. Li 4 and saw his bike 5 . “Oh, dear! What should I do?”he said to his bike. Soon they

Just then two boys nearby came to help him 9 them and said 10 to them and went home.

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看图填词部分参考答案: 看图填词部分参考答案: 1.1.is 2.late 3.nine 4.mother 5.hurried 6.bike 7.got 8.clo sed 9.remembered 10.Sunday 2.1.watching 2.How 3.didn't 4.quarter 5.on 6.reached 7.an gry 8.nothing 9.had 10.all 3.1.bed 2.Children's 3.Hospital 4.open 5.mouth6.say 7.noth ing 8.medicine 9.three 10.water 4.1.Sunday 2.got 3.up 4.half 5.went 6.to 7.plant 8.put

5.1.medicine 2.three 3.water 4.you 5.exercises 6.1.Spring 2.Plant(Everything) 3.grow 4.summer 5.sport 6.Au tumn 7.busy 8.cold 9.wear 10.go 7.1.nice(glad, pleased, happy) 2.speak 3.going 4.football 5.af ternoon 6.at 7.right 8.Could(Shall, May) 9.Let's 10.OK 8.1.quarter past seven 2.by bike 3.too fast to 4.hit a car 5 . sent( 或 taken/carried) to the(a)hospital 或 was sent(taken/carried)to hospital 9.1.way 2.left 3.People Road 4.in front 5.How far 10.1.cleaning(sweeping), by(near); in, dress(skirt), telephoning 2.wi th, crossing 3. car, hit, another, so, himself 4. stood, crossing, seem 11.1.Dig 2.into 3.earth 4.tree 5.Water 12.1.begin/start 2.last 3.spend 4.parents 5.northeast 6.visit 7.First 8.stay 9.By train 10.enjoy yourselves 13.1.elephant 2.monkey 3.bird 4.more 5.asked/told 6.river 7 .water 8.back 9.across 10.tried 11.high 12.minute 13.climb 14.tree 15.bananas 16.back 17.with 18.either 19.work 20.each 14.1.ill 2.worried 3.see 4.over 5.cold 6.drink 7.medicine 8.all 9.able 10.football 15.1.seven 2.sleeping 3.woke 4.up 5.something 6.not 7.ov er 8.rest 9.took 10.bed 16.1.big, on 2.Saturday June 3.house; picture 4.don't; country ; It; farm 17.1.fine, And, you 2.playing, football 3.reading books 4.swim s, good, teaches, herself 5.in, bed, flowers 18.1.went 2.but 3.looked 4.hospital 5.worry 6.old 7.later 8.cry 9.turned 10.minutes 11.again 12.faces 13.and 14.kind s 15.tired 16.see 17.story 18.great 19.bring 20.of 19 . 1 . asked( 或 told) 2.gave 3.got 4.on 5.forgotten 6.back 7.was 8.lying 9 .goodbye 10.took 20.1.was 2.didn't 3.sat 4.time 5.lunch 6.hours

7.back 8.blackboard 9.see 10.nine 21.1.went to school 2.found a wallet/bag lying 3.came 4.told a policeman 5.You are a good girl 22.1.weather 2.an 3.bought/got 4.put 5.mouth 6.each 7.Af ter 8.one 9.from 10.such 23.1.rainy 2.tall 3.cover 4.How 5.idea 6.stopped 7.for 8. took(got) 9.didn't 10.late 24.1.gets 2.foot 3.at 4.swim 5.ready 25.B A C D B 26.1.farmer 2.from 3.it 4.small 5.was 6.few 7.pan 8.did 9.dead 10.to 27.1.bus 2.park 3.right 4.second 5.tree 28.A.very, bread, eggs, bananas, know B.way East along(up, down, straight)right end(park, place) 29.1.On foot 2.left 3.fine/sunny 4.weather 5.changed 6.rain 7.running/hurrying/rushing 8.behind 9.turned 10.together 30.1.bought 2.put them into a(big) box 3.to carry it to the c ar 4.were walking(standing) 5.saw the old woman 6.went to hel p 7.carried it to 8.fell down 9.lie in bed 10.Don't worry 31.1.She 2.come 3.with 4.are 5.washing 32.1.saw(read) 2.newspaper 3.country 4.like 5.Spend 6.Far m 7. like 8. 9-10. I'll horse riding(riding horses) 11. fishing 12. change 33.1.Tuesday 34.1.months' 2.April 3.went 4.way 5.fall 6.lay 7.hospital 2.got 3.cooking 4.took 5.money 6.needn't 7 8.over 9.nothing 10.next .With 8.Both 9.best 10.holiday 35.1.Three 2.angry 3.made 4.Trees 5.sunny 6.finished 7.h appy 8.pleased 36.1.after 2.together 3.lying 4.back 5.waited 6.so 7.next 8.what 9.other 10.learn 37.1.water 2.by 3.lost 4.left 5.back 6.said 7.walked 8.once 38.1.sun 2.and 3.along/by/near 8.back 9.from 10.water 4.dug 5.tree 6.put 7.hole

39.1.late 2.foot 3.hand 4.up 5.open 6.idea 7.climb 8.Ho w 9.pocket 10.key 40.1.flying 2.heavily 3.stop 4.few 5.later 6.stopped 7.came 8.again 9.dry 10.clever 41.1.chair 2.tree 3.sitting 4.reading 5.in 6.table 7.mouth 8 .glass 9.in 10.man. 42.1.before 2.stayed up 3.woke up 4.seven 5.late 6.worrie d 7.jumped off 8.hurried to 9.got to 10.Sunday 43.(1)foot (2)with (3)reached (4)market (5)policeman (6)stopped (7)taken (8)home (9)sorry (10)without 44.1.time 2.Good-bye 3.stop 4.waiting 5.school 6.bag 7.pl ay 8.for 9.Shall 10.kites 11.idea 12.something 13.pointed 14 .really 15.thank 45.1.weather 2.cloudy 3.group 4.on 5.How 6.does 7.by 8 .bike 9.gets 10.up 46.1.busy 2.exercises 3.food 4.afternoon 5.pigsty 6.night 7 .Yes 8.homework 9.tired 10.think 47.1.woke 2.got 3.up 4.for 5.without 6.With 7.went 8.to 9. by 10. bike 11. reached 12. was 13. closed 14. forgot 15. Sunday 48.1.on 2.in 3.and 4.traffic 5.busy 6.few 7.are 8.crossin g 9.other 10.school 11.is 12.standing 13.is 14.stopping 15.to 49.1.say 2.head 3.metal 4.Japan 5.don't 6.Another 7.mine 8.hand 9.ladder 10.afraid 50.1.went 2.from 3.heard 4.round 5.broken 6.himself 7.re pair 8.mended 9.thanked 10.goodbye
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